Orders Of Magnitude (OOM)

An experiment in exponential self funding

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About Orders Of Magnitude (OOM)



Hello and Welcome,

My name is Stuart Warren-Hill, I am an AV Producer, Visual Artist, VJ,  Electronic Musician, Inventor and Entrepreneur.I am founder of Hexstatic and Holotronica Ltd and also a co-founder of the Big Chill. This site is actually 4 websites in one covering my 4 main creative businesses and projects. Holotronica , Hexstatic, OOM and Holo-Gauze. You can navigate between each site with the drop down arrow at the top of the page.


Orders of Magnitude OOM 

An experiment in exponential self funding.

The Original £1 Challenge

The idea is based upon exponential growth in technology, computers. I was also inspired by the story of the wheat or rice and the chessboard. Here is a short video to explain…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3d0Y-JpRRg

My goal is to start with a £1  investment and use the money to create a piece of art and double up my investment 20 times. i.e.. create 20 works of art doubling and funding exponentially each time.

I have created a structure that will fund my creative ideas without the need of a funding organisation.

I have to achieve 20 levels here is the structure…



0. £1 investment

1. £2




5. £32

6. £64

7. £128

8. £256

9. £512

10. £1,024

11. £2,048   <———- Complete 55%

12. £4,096

13. £8,192

14. £16,384

15. 32,768

16. 65,536




20. 1,048,576